Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Okay I'm finishing it here.

We left off with Flash and Prince Barin realising their growing Bromance, Princess Aura didn't seem to mind at all about that and Dale falls for Vultan (thats everyone shacked up). The groups join forces to oust Ming but they are too late. Unknown to them Klytus (Mings evil scientist) has already opened up Zarkovs mind and has discovered the secret to the portal technology. This gives Ming the tactical advantage enabling him to transport whole armies around Mongo. Ming's plans begin with enforcing a stranglehold on Mongo and then an invasion of Earth.

They hatch a plan, Vultan and Dale go to Mingo City acting that Vultan's people found her. Barin and Flash go disguised as Vultan's men to release the Strike team and find Zarkov. Of course it all goes horribly wrong. Ming sends an army to destroy Sky City smiling at Vultan as he watches the destruction. Ming places Vultan in protective custody, Vultan claims article 17 (a prince of Mongo cannot be taken captive without trial by combat).
So yeah its Vultan who uses Ming's Law not Barin in my version. Works better for me.
So this doesn't happen. Which is a pity cause Brian Blessed camps it up wonderfully.

Ming refuses Vultan's claim to combat, having him in a cage while his people suffer is so much more satifying. Vultan is dragged away his people are also placed in custody across Mongo. Dale is considered damaged goods "I can smell the bird on you." declares Ming.
Princess Aura interupts Flash and Barin's attempt to save Zarkov, cause Ming had laid a trap for them. They find Aura has already saved Zarkov and the strike team. Zarkov reveals that the portal technology must be destroyed at all costs. Aura also tells them that Dale and Vultan have been captured.

Flash, Zarkov and the strike team head for Klytus to destroy the portal generator. Aura and Barin go to release Vultan who only wishes to kill Ming, he flies off (not literally) to realease his men and to kill Ming, Vultan has a death wish. Barin only sees defeat and wants Aura to leave with him, Aura says she cannot leave till Ming is dead. Barin leaves saying he can't risk anymore defeats and leaves.

Flash Zarkov and the strike team (along with a few loyal to Princess Aura) get to the portal generator. Vultan and his group force themselves through the city, but, loose numbers quickly. Arua gets Dale who demands where Vultan is, Aura tells her of his suicide mission and the two try and stop Vultan. They are too late. Ming is already gloating over Vultan, his men dead or injured around him.
Zarkov and Flash fight their way in, where Klytus has the portal in operation. Klytus flips a switch and the portal opens onto Earth. He tries to tempt Flash and the strike team to leave Mongo for Earth. Flash and the strike team are divided a few decide to take Klyuts' offer. Zarkov pleads with them not to. The strike team go through the portal, Flash hesitates just long enough for Zarkov to grab his gun and fire at Klytus and the portal generator.
A blast rocks the City, and gives Dale an opening to save Vultan, enabling them both to slip through blast doors as they close on Ming securing the Throne Room.
"You swept down and saved me like a true woman of the sky." replies Vultan in gratitude.
Flash and Zarkov arrive to interrupt Vultan and Dale. Flash asks where did the blast come from. Dale asks wasn't it the portal blowing up. If it was us we wouldn't be alive replies Zarkov. They get to a viewing deck where Barin and his merry men are flodding into the city. Barin demands to know where Arua is.

In the throne room Ming is in a fit of rage. Screaming for Klytus to get him out of the now very secure throne room. No one can find Klytus, Barin has stormed the city and there is a fleet of ships from many nations assembling. My people are coming to save their King boasts Ming. Aura tells Ming this is not the case, that if he looks closley they are supporting Barin's troops. Ming can't beleive this, at least you have come to my aid daughter. No, I have cometo kill you. Ming goes for him pimp ring, Aura grabs a sword cuts off his hand and runs him through.

Much later the blast doors are opened revealing Aura on the throne, Mings body sprawled on the floor. Aura, bloody sword in hand proclaims Mongo free.

Last scene has Flash and Zarkov talking amoungst the celebrations. Dale and Vultan eyeing each other, Barin with Aura on the throne. What happens next asks Flash. Whatever it is I'm sure it will be out of this world. replies Zarkov.

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