Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Destination Mongo

Above is the map of the planet Mongo where Ming, Vultan and Prince Barin all reside.
Click it. It takes you to a real big version.
Mongo is also where Flash, Zarkov and the strike team get teleported to. Of course they get telported straight into the middle of Ming's delightfully named Mingo City. Of course Ming takes great delight in new-commers from another world. He looks after them at first displaying the charaismatic charms any despot has. After finding out that they are alone and that they are not in touch with their planet, even more that earth does not even have a central government. He decides to turn them into slaves. Of course the princess Aura wants a few for her own pleasure, the rest are sent for experimentation by the evil Klytus.

So yeah we don't have this-

But we do get this -

I think thats a decent switch. Flash wants to get out and save his team but realises he's going to need help. Of course Zarkov and the head of the team have a fun time being tortured by Klytus. Oh yeah I didn't mention who the leader of the strike team to aprehend Zarkov was. It's Dale Arden.
Yep like a lot of other writers I don't think we need more than one damsel in a dress and having Dale as the Strike Team leader makes for a heroine in the mold of Sarah Conner and Ripley. So we have a few casting options today.

We still have to decide who's going to be Flash. I ummed and ahhed about this for a real long time and did some searching on IMDB and I ended up going for Harry Osborn.
Yep James Franco, he'd bulk up for the role of course and I think he'd bring a level of humility to Flash and it'd be great cause then we don't have a muscle bound blonde mullet to deal with. He can do rage and anger and his almost James Dean looks will make the girls all go ga-ga. Okay where did that all come from. Sometimes I gross myself out.
Now the rest of the cast begins to flash out here. For Capt. Dale Arden we have a bevey of tough chicks to choose from.

Cote dePablo

Yep Ziva from NCIS, tough MOSSAD agent and not bad on the eyes either (again I can't beleive what I'm saying here) Somewhere in between Sarah Conner and Ripley, well she's it.

Kate Beckinsale

Yeah Underworld Gi-joe and all of that, loks great in lycra and rubber. She's got the graveley voice thingy goin on that make men go "fraiuen-laven". Yeah she'd do well but she's done it all before

Rhona Mitra
You want bad girl steamy dreamy fo-feeni, this is it. Definately the choice if you want to sex it all up. But then again maybe she'd be better as Aura?

Hillary Swank
Again another in the Ripley mould. She's not super model with the nose job type and she doesn't have a voice that makes you melt but she's beleiveable as a militatry officer and is tough enough. Remember she did the girl boxing movie.

Who am I leaning to? Well I like Cote De Pablo and think she has what it takes. But if you wanted someone with previous experience in a staring role in a big movie then I'd go either Hilay Swank or Kate Beckinsale.

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