Monday, July 6, 2009

Flash Gordon week begins

C'mon you all know we want this. The Canadians even had a go in 2007 with a TV series.

It got one series and that was all they did. Why? Cause it sucked! They didn't even use the Queen soundtrack, not even as a joke. They had Flash as a runner who's Dad was a scientist with Zarkov opening portals in space time. Now thats a good idea but there were some bad flaws that made the show Stargate lite. If your lighter than Stargate your not much of a show to begin with. Mind you they got the Mongo stuff right but its just that the whole dimensional portals not being noticed by the army or government when Flash finds out is just too unbelieveable.

"So Captain Koma how would you make Flash Gordon for the Naughties?" I hear you all ask.

Well first of all lets keep the whole dimensional gateway thing. Its similar to the 1980 movie and is a handy plot device when used well. So we have to have Zarkov and the portals, also I like mad scientists they have an alure all their own. Zarkov stays as the access point to Mongo, but he's a mad scientist whose being tracked by the FBI for providing nuclear weapons technology to Terrorist groups. What does Zarkov care for earth, He's too busy trying to reach for the stars so he can save everyone. Zarkov's plan is to get to another planet using the dimensional portal, he wants to save humanity. Who could play Zarkov?

Well there's a few to choose from.

David Tennant

Yeah its not a far stretch from Dr Who to Zarkov but he'd give it the energy and madness required. Also he's great with accents so he could churn out something eastern european enough.

Anthony LaPaglia

He can bring the nasty when he wants to. So what if he's on the TV these days he was good as Barry "The Balde" Muldano. I reckon he'd be great as Zarkov.

Jean Reno

He's French. Thats not so bad. People often mistrust the french and Reno can play a more sneaky Zarkov with menace.

David Wenham

He's another Australian along with LaPaglia but he's very good and he can do awkward mad scientist really well. Also he was in 300 which means he does bring some badass to the role.

But what about a woman playing Zarkov?

Here's my choice -
Victoria Abril

Yes most of you kow her from Pablo Almodovar's "Tie Me Up Tie Me Down" but she's got what it takes to be an Evil Scientist consumed with her plan to save humanity.

This is Flash Gordon week so there'll be more with the story and casting later on.

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