Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Idea

I was thinking while walking the dog recently and I got an idea.

A town called Salvation

I'm not sure as to where this idea could go but here is the right place to flesh this germ of an idea out. At first I wasn't sure at all about what to do and then I realised (with a lot of help from a good friend - Thanks Ash) that this could be the opposite to Dante's Inferno. Instead of descending into through the seven levels ascending through the seven heavens.

Yes its Christian in message but so is Alice Cooper and the Gilmour Girls. The fact that its a postive message about redemption, forgiveness, grace, justification, sanctification leading to salvation doesn't mean it cannot refelct reality and has to be all happy joy and bright. I want the kind of meta-reality we see in most action movies. I want guns and fight secenes, sex, drugs, just like the way Guy Ritchie or Brian DePalma would do it.

So guys (yes fellow script cleaners I'm talking to you) what are your thoughts?

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