Monday, July 13, 2009

Flash Gordon week The middle bit.

Now when we left off Dale ahd been taken by Vultan (blaming Prince Barin) Flash was with Barin and Aura, and Zarkov was with the strike team being tortured by Klytus (5 posts and Zarkov is still being tortured, wow!). The information everyone wants to know is how to open the portals, unfortunatly only Zarkov knows which puts Dale and Flash in trouble.
Aura uses a device similar to Mings Pimp ring to get the truth out of Flash. However they are attacked by Ming's forces who believe they have Dale. Aura gives herself up so Barin and Flash can escape.
On the run through the jungle Barin explains to Flash about Mongo's situation and how the portals would change everything. All Flash wants to do is get off Mongo and get home. Hawkmen spot Barin and Flash in the open, orders are given for them to be captured. Barin tries to tell Vultan that Ming has Zarkov and the only way they can get him is to work together.
Now in the flim this would lead to the fight scene between Barin and Flash. I'm not going to have that here.
Barin and Flash are detained and Vultan goes back to trying to get the truth from Dale. Dale tells Vultan the same as Flash and Barin. Vultan believes her cause she reminds him of his wife and releases Flash and Barin. You vouch for this man asks Vultan to Dale about Flash. Vultan places Flash in Dale's charge.
Why didn't he believe us? moans Flash. Barin explains that Dale is the commander of the strike team and Vultan would never listen to a soldier. We see the wonder that is sky city protected from Ming's forces sky city it protected by its shields safe from Ming's armies. Vultan is shown as a good ruler, fair and just. Dale's presence has a few giving her second looks. Why are they lookng at me like that asks Dale. Barin explains that Vultan's had a wife who died in battle. Vultan vowed he would not take a wife unless she could lead men in battle. Which you have done.

Okay enough soppy stuff. Yeah I want Dale and Vultan to get together. Stuff Flash.

Casting for Vultan and Prince Barin.

This Vultan is warrior and is rough but there's a softer side to him. That and Dale has to find him attractive too. So unfortunately John Rhys-Davies isn't going to cut it.

Jason Statham - Has the looks but I don't know.

Daniel Craig - He could do a great Vultan. I'd sign him up

Then you've got Barin.

Hugh Jackman could do it. I know even I want to slap him for the Wolverine movie but he's got the stuff to play Barin. He can do romatic lead.

How about this guy - Alessandro Nivola
So thats that. Following this the conclusion of Flash Gordon - The Remake.

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