Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

I have ideas and some of them will never happen.
Like for instance me being able to slap Hugh Jackman over the head ala Gibbs from NCIS.

Or meeting Mary-Louise Parker (sigh!)
But some ideas are so strong that they have to be shouted from the roof tops. This is just one of them.

Yep thats right I want to finally get to this TV gem and scrape the TV to movie bucket clean of what its got left. I can hear you scream Noooooooo! But please wait for my pitch.

Hogan's Heroes the movie won't be called Hogan's Heroes but STALAG 13 and it will be grim and gritty. Hogan is a womanising con-man full of himself, he doesn't care about anything but scamming the limeys and getting laid. Unfortunately he goes too far bedding the wife of a superior officer. Hogan has two options gaol or join a secret plot to undermine the German war effort inside Germany.

Colonel Whilhem Klink is a decorated Luftwaffe piolt who has been punished because of his families connection with Jewery. This has him shipped off not to the Russian front but to command a prisoner of war camp. Klink is of the Prussian nobility and considers the NAZI's as userpers.

Hogan and his team are dropped into Germany and meet up with the underground, they try a few jobs but are cosnstatly thwarted. Their hideout is radied and only a handfull escape. Hogan comes up with the plan that they should break into a POW camp.

Things start off badly as they are treated horribly by the camp guards, but they are able to support the underground from the realtive safety of the POW camp. Klink works it out but turns a blind eye because he can't stand the NAZI's.

Okay thats about as far as I've gotten in my thinking and thats usually as far as these thoughts go. But I want to expand on this and go further, doing some casting and a bit more plot development. So hang around this idea might sporut wings and fly. Of course you can all help too. Comment on your ideas.
Lets make this Happen


  1. Interesting concept. Of course, Hogan's Heroes was taken (nominally) from Stalag 17, a very good POW movie from back in the day.

    What you're proposing doesn't sound like it lends itself to hijinks and wcky humor, but then you get the opportunity to use character-driven humor, which is such a wild idea.

    I say Sgt Schultz should stay in for "comedy relief." He's not a complete buffoon but he's just about there, and Klink keeps him around as a favor to his dying mutti or something. You can have one of the heroes be a loon as well to "even it out." The electronics guy wold fit.

  2. I was more of thinking about something closer to a situation where you have this assortment of misfits who cause problems everywhere they go. The allies decide its better to have them cause trouble in Germany. The twist is that Klink is willing to do more than turn a blind eye. Its becomes closer to Oceans 11 than anything else with the humour being black and dark.
    As for Schultz well I'm sure you can have him say "I see nothing, nothing."

  3. Sometimes it really works if you take a show that was funny and turn it into a very serious drama. Imagine Klink and Schultz deliberately trying to be funny while inwardly cracking under the strain of the horrors of war.

    At the climax of the movie, they could be confronted by their superiors and told flat out that the POWs are plotting.

  4. Nah I want Hogan and the guys to get caught by Klink. I want to bring Hogan down a bit and elevate Klink a bit.