Thursday, July 9, 2009

Casting the villains

When last I wrote this grand dream that is Flash Gordon by Captain Koma, we had. Aura and Flash getting disturbed by heavy artilery by Prince Barin and his band of brothers. Dale was getting ho'ed up by the concubines and poor Zarkov was being tortured for 3 whole posts, ouch! Dale gets fed up with the concubines and decides to escape, in Mingo City a woman isn't expected to fight back. So she takes a few soldiers by surprise, but is subdued. But not before she gets to Mings throne room where Ming is entertaing Vultan of the Hawkmen.
So she (Dale) takes a few soldiers by surprise and she gets to Mings throneroom, where, Ming is entertaing Vultan of the Hawkmen.
Ming proceeds to use his pimping ring to take the aggression out of Dale, she stops in her tracks. Now submisive she meekly joins the guards back to the concubines. Vultan asks his Lieutenant if that was the warrior woman who came through the portal. The lieutant nods Vultan tells him "She's ours now." The guards escorting Dale are interupted by Hawkmen, who take Dale out of Mingo City leaving incriminating evidence blaming Prince Barin.

It seems everyone beleives that the entire strike team know how to open portals, which would make a huge change in Mongo's political landscape. Aura has taken Flash for her and Barin, and Vultan has taken Dale blaming Barin. But its Ming and Vultan who have Zarkov.

Casting of the Bad Guys.

Ming well theres a few to chose from.

Christopher Lee seems to be the go to guy when chosing a bad guy and Ming is supposed to be a real theatrical despot Lee does fit but is there any others. Alexander Siddig (yes Dr Bashir from Start Trek DS9) he could do it really he could. The only bad thing is that you'll get the whole arabs are evil crap.
Its a bad guy role who wouldn't kill to play Ming, apart from me that is. Then you can go for the ultimate evil the over actor David Caruso, he would be so bad at it. I'd pay to see that car crash, reallt I would. But let me throw you and even bigger curve ball Viggo Mortensen. Yep casting against type as a younger more active Ming Viggo would eat it up.

As for Klytus reall who cares as long as he's a mad crazy evill scientist. Hmm a manic crazy evil amoral torturer. Who can do that kind of evil crazy, honestly I can only think of a few who could do it. Sean William Scott crazy frustrated mainly sexually but still crazy. Bruce Willis he can bring crazy old school. Hugh Laurie just House with an English accent. But what about something so crazy you couldn't believe it what about Christian Bale now theres some mad stuff.

Cool casting huh!

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  1. I would love to see Hugh Laurie play Ming, but only because I don't know who Klytus is.