Monday, July 6, 2009

Flash boom ah-ahhhh!

Oh yeah! What a way to start out the second day of Flash Gordon week.

Now where did we leave off last time? Thats right Zarkov and his portals getting to Mongo and, of course we haven't even gotten to Flash himself yet. Zarkov is under surveilance by the FBI ummm! the FBI doesn't work for me right now. Its just that this is where Flash comes into the movie and I don't want him being a Football player or a runner. He needs to be closer to an Indiana Jones type hero, A guy with brains and enough brawn and guts to get the job done. He can't be some muscle bound moron with blue eyes and a blonde mullet. He's like a young Gibbs from NCIS tough, street smart, but still with enough brains to know when not to use his fists. I'd have him second in charge of the group who have Zarkov under surveilance. He's headstrong willing to follow his gut instead of his head. Flash is an acronym - Fully Licensed Ass Hole.
Flash is an acronym -
Fully Licensed Ass Hole.
So they get the call to bust Zarkov but Zarkov has traps placed (I'm leaning towards Jean Reno as Zarkov) Flash gets there first but gets caught in the trap. He gets himself out of the trap to find Zarkov has used a gas to subdue the rest. Zarkov goes back to his portal Flash shoots first and begins a chain reaction that transports everyone to Mongo.

Fun huh! okay casting time for F.L.A.S.H

I'd be stupid if I didn't mention a few regulars here.

Eric Bana - Yes I'm mentioning Aussies again but I have to.

Liev Schriber - Hey I always thought he had potential back when he was in Kate & Loepold.

Thomas Jane - He wont do The Punisher which he was made for but Flash?

The problem with all of this is that I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to casting a young 20 something in this role. The previous choices are all okay, of course for me Liev Schriber comes out on top. I am not going to mention Shia LaBeouf cause he's not getting in this movie.
I am not going to mention Shia LaBeouf cause he's not getting in this movie.
A non-white guy would be great too. I think about Sean William Scott but he's not rough enough. Then you start thinking about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson but he's not what I'm looking for as Flash at all. Josh Duhamel looks about right but can he keep it up without looking all wrong and Vegas all the time. Then again maybe Chris O'Donnel nah!

Help me I've fallen and I can't find my Flash?

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  1. I'm definitely all for Liev Schriber. He's hot and could definitely add some dimension an another wise 2d character.

    Just my $.02.