Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to Script Cleaners

Here we'll discuss and come up with the solutions to those annoying plot holes and poor casting that have plauged movies. Believe me you'll come to see it our way. Or else we'll just have to send Lindsay Lohan over to kill you. Believe me she's just crazy enough to do it.

I'm your host Captain Koma I've been very dismayed at certain movies of the past few years and have often thought what every geek has thought. I could do better than that. And guess what I'm angry and frustrated enough to show it. This blog is my declaration of war on these hollywood hacks who don't undertand the characters and concepts they are dealing with.
I've invested so much more time and money in these characters than those idiot directors and writers. If anyone knows how to make these films right its gotta be geeks.

So join me on this quest for justice and righteous indignation, as me and my fellow geeks clean the scripts that fandom rejected.


  1. How about X-Men? I'm speaking of the newest part (Wolverine; origins), in relation to the rest of the movies. I believe it was in X-men II, where Wolverine is shot in the head, and guess what? The bullet went right through his 'indestructable' skeleton. What kind of bullets were those cops using? And why didn't he wake up with some sort of memory loss?
    This is just one of the many inconsistencies that plague me. My friends tell me to relax, but honestly? If anyone should recognize a loophole in a story, you would THINK it would be the director, am I right?

  2. I'm quite sure we here at script cleaners will get to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Be patient it'll happen.
    As for the directors and writers not seeing the holes in the scripts. Often being too close to something stops you from seeing the problem.

  3. Even in blogging, you'll find so many authors miss the most obvious of grammatical or spelling errors. And they're not even professionals, so you know they have no life. You'd think they could proofread a blog post, especially when it's their own. If an Internet junkie with a grand total of 2 hours spent outside per week (on a good week) can let the occasional mistake into his/her/its blog post, surely it's reasonable to see how a person with actual demands on their time could neglect the perfection of some inartistic cash cow.

  4. I do it all the time. But thats cause I spend more then 2 hours outside per week

  5. Can we have anonymous posting here?