Monday, June 29, 2009

Dum devil

Daredevil was in post production when Spider-Man hit the screens. People loved spidey and the earnest Tobey Maguire who played Peter Parker. The special effects were spectacular and the script was almost geek proof.

Script Cleaning move #1 - Dump the talking chin man.

So Marvel thought they were on a winner and realised they had to up the special effects in Dareveil its a pity they got the casting wrong. Obviously when they said to get the guy from Good Will Hunting they must have meant the short guy with the blonde hair. Not the big guy with the big jaw. Really who'd think that Mr Affleck could play a character who was physically blind? Druged out of his gourd blind of course but why, oh why, oh why!
Mat Damon showed us he could act without speaking, show the internal emotions and thoughts just by looking down the camera. Affleck is almost as wodden as Keanu Reeves in this movie. Message to Mr Affleck - just because Matt Murdoch has a cane doesn't make him lame, it makes him blind.

Of course there's a female lead in this movie too. Don't think the problems in this movie lie in only one casting failure.

Script cleaning move #2 - Get rid of the girl next door

Jennifer Garner she was on Alias (cancelled cause of too much Eostregen and Hallmark wanted their writers back) so that meant she knew how to do the fight scenes. Garner is a good actress, she's bubly and cute, she can do confused and angry, but Electra? Honey don't know how to do badass. Electra is a one woman killing machine, she can shishkaba you three ways from sunday and then take on ninja's. In fact why weren't their more ninjas in this movie? Also lets just remember that Electra is Greek, her dad is the Greek ambasador (one of the few Dareveil facts that were in this excuse for a comic movie) and that he gets killed and Electra's supposed to make a deal with the Kingpin to go after Bullseye. Now when I look at Jennifer I see girl next door and maybe young fresh FBI agent. I don't see a Greek killing machine out for blood and revenge.

Actual positives - For some reason they cast decent villians.
Micheal Clarke Duncan as Kingpin was a great idea. Who says the Kingpin has to be white? Duncan is just such a big man he easily fills the shoes. He has the menace and the size and he has done this kind of role before. Then we get to Bullseye played by Colin Farrel. Who can bring the badass in this movie these two can, in fact if it weren't for the two casting failures this could have been an okay movie. It could have been on par with the Hulk re-boot or the Stargate movie, nice well done but not spectacular.

I just couldn't beleive that a character that has such pathos and honour in the marvel univers would be given such a movie like this one. Where was Guy Pierce? What happened? I suppose we'll never know.


  1. Script Cleaning Move #3 - More paper and paper products. Seriously. Were there any? I don't think so.

  2. Foggy and Matt are lawyers there was paper.

  3. You know, somewhere in theory Ben Affleck as the Daredevil isn't a bad idea, he's kind of tall and good looking. In reality, he's just not a great actor. He's OK, I guess, but he's up there with Tom Cruise and other Hollywood stars where they're not really acting, they're giving us their lines as Tom Cruise or Ben Affleck giving lines in a movie.