Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holy nudity Batman!

The creator of this blog seems to like controversial subjects, so here we go. A Charlotte North Carolina woman bought some comic books for her kids at the local library. In those comics was included a copy of Batman Confidential#18.

Ans she discovered a a surprise inside.

Batgirl, and Catwoman had a nude battle inside. Well semi nude because all of the naughty bits are covered. Here's where she made her first mistake: She assumed that comics were for kids and didn't look inside. "I just went through the bins and took the ones with the nicest covers that looked least scary,” she said.

If she had looked on the first page she would have seen this.

It takes about oh, say ten seconds to look through the art of a comic book, and I guess she didn't want to take that time. Huh. I hope she doesn't do the same when her kids watch cable TV or go onto the Internet, because there's far worse out there in both mediums.

One of the things she said was they try to "trap you with the Batman name." While yes bats was mostly marketed towards kids in the 1960's the Adam West show became a double edged sword in a way.

While yes it did cause the wave of Batmania, when people became tired of campiness Batman's comic sales took a nose dive. It didn't help that around that time Marvel comics was born with it's real life problems type of superhero that was appealing not only to kids, but the teens and college crowd as well.

Batman had to go back to his roots to survive, he had to once again become the Dark Knight.it started in the 70's with Denny O'neil, and Jim Aparo, and continued through the 80's with such graphic novels as Alan Moore's Killing Joke and Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

Batman was popular among comic readers again after taking a darker more mature approach. But I can see why someone wouldn't know this besides comic book readers, but you'd have to have been living under a rock to not know Batman wasn't just marketed to kids anymore.

The Tim Burton movies were dark with disfigured freaks, and murder. And the most recent Batman begins, and the Dark Knight had plenty of murder, and mayhem.

I guess they weren't naked though, the Joker shoved a pencil into a man's eye but they were fully clothed the whole movie.

people that know me in real life say I'm cynical, and they have a point, which explains kind why I think this lady just wanted her picture in the paper. Especially when said picture instead of of being a look of anger or disgust at the "offending" comic came out looking hammy, and over exaggerated.

Okay I'm going to step off the soapbox now.


  1. It's rediculous to think that Batman is just for little kids and you're right that it would have been smart for the parents to check out the comic beforehand.

    On the other hand, why does Batgirl and Catwoman need to take their clothes off to fight in the Gotham Hedonists convention? I didn't read the comic, but that seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

    And if Batgirl's nude, where does she keep her Batarang and Batrope?

    On second thought, don't answer that.

  2. Well I think they were going for comedy like that Simpsons episode where Marge, and Homer were running through town after almost being caught in that minature golf course window.

    But DC could have put an advisory on it like Marvel does.

  3. Well done. Nice first topic. And yes I don't shy away from contorversy. I actually read this whole story and yeah its quite naughty. Catwoman goes through the hedonists club to try and loose Bat-girl thinking she'll not go in cause of the undress rules. Personally its a bad plot twist thats obvioulsy just there to titilate.

    It worked on me.