Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being a TV Critic

Hey, everyone. You may remember me from a little place in Texas called the Burnt Toast Diner. It's a quiet cafe with great waffles and mostly ignorant clientele. Well, I'm inviting you to join their ranks!

Since things have kind of slowed down for the time being as we await what crazy, new things might happen now that my own daughter has gone public about her immortality issue, we have decided to pass the time dabbling in the art of criticism.

Do you own a television? Do you watch it? Then you must have thoughts about what you're seeing on the ol' boob tube. No, thoughts? Well, clearly you're watching too much of it.

Those of you who walk the thin line between TV-viewing and literacy might want to try your hand on TV reviewing. We'll be opening up the the diner to new bloggers that can share their thoughts on the magical babysitter we all know and love: television!

Leave a comment here or email me at bennet at primatechpaper dot org if you would like to post TV reviews on our blog.

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